Tuesday, June 16, 2009

from s/v Circadia

Monday, June 15, 2009
5 degrees 50 minutes N., 144 degrees, 59 minutes W.

For the first time since I began this blog I find myself at a loss for words. There is a monotony to this environment that is difficult to describe. I can’t even imagine a comparable experience, except maybe travelling slowly through a great desert. It tranquilizes the mind, until you find yourself spending more and more time thinking about less and less. Which doesn’t make for great copy. I could say we’ve successfully crossed the equator and are gradually sailing up through the northern latitudes one by one. I guess I could tell you what we ate for dinner last night (a fresh Dorado, or mahi mahi, which Farlyn caught on one of her new lures) and that dorado are beautiful—golden yellow, with a bright blue fin like a sail; that we poached it in coconut milk, lime and ginger, and it was delicious. I could report that yesterday was Kim and my 23rd anniversary, but that brings me to that how-did-the-time-pass-so-quickly thing, which is clichÈ, but maybe, after all useful to contemplate in the light of what feels like an endless crossing—in retrospect it will feel so very short. Which reminds me to savour the experience, which is, most of all, one of time and placeless-ness.


materfamilias said...

just wrote a thoughtful and oh-so-eloquent comment (truly, truly!) which Blogger ate, damnit!
Noted that despite the difference in our travels, yours being of much longer duration and through an entirely different environment, we nonetheless also have been experiencing the usual distortion of our relationship with time that I associate with travel's change of place.
I also congratulated you, in my lost comment, on your 23rd! Happy anniversary to you and to Kim, you newlyweds!
We're back on P.I. early Friday a.m. -- see you there soon.

Julie Zickefoose said...

How is it when you have little to say, you say so much and say it so well? I could almost taste the dorado.

Alison Watt said...

can't wait to hear about your recent travels...

going to post a dorado picture soon--up there with the tuna for sheer beauty.