Saturday, March 21, 2009

Surviving Cabo

Alison, by Jude

Just coming to the end of a week in Cabo with friends. Darcy, Jude, and I have painted and shown together numerous times. It’s great for me to have “the company of women” and for them to have a break from the relentless winter back home. Still getting reports of snow…
Jude and Darcy

Turned out it’s been spring break for American college kids this week. It’s been mostly entertaining watching the show: acres of flesh, swimming pools of alcohol. But we have been happy to escape Cabo most days for beaches and towns up the coast.
At the beach

Kim arrives today with crew, Tavish and Farlyn. They have had to motor down most of the way from La Paz. Hopefully we'll find better breezes on the Pacific. Tomorrow we’ll provision and, weather permitting, set out on Monday.
And so, my friends, thanks for coming along for the ride thus far. Your presence, visible and invisible, has meant a lot to me. I’m hoping to be able to make the odd post through the miracle of modern technology and the ionosphere. But if all fails, don’t worry, we’ll blow into some South Pacific Isle eventually (somewhere after the middle of April) and you will the first to hear about it!


Colene said...

Hoping for the best of winds, smooth sailing, and a good adventure for you and the crew!

Anonymous said...

Bon voyage from an invisible nondivisable friend! I am thinking about you a lot as you cast adrift. I can imagine your smile and your hair in the wind...I see you kept your mane.
Love to the captain

Julie Zickefoose said...

You look like a movie star, mah dear.