Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday in La Paz

Today we finally found the English bookstore (Allende Books). I bought a copy of an Isabel Allende book I have in Spanish (it took me half an hour to translate one page, so I am looking forward to having an English version on hand).
We had heard about the hairless dog of the Aztecs, so were fascinated to meet the bookseller's four month old Xoloitzcuintle (they call them squintlees sp?). They look like flying foxes and are so hot to the touch that they are recommended for people with arthritic hands .


Then I wandered over to the central plaza, across from the church to draw.

It was a quiet day, the park full of mothers and children, and idle young men. The shoe shine stands were empty....

I drew quick portraits of these two children and they decided they wanted to paint too.


materfamilias said...

They look like flying foxes?!
So that's what a flying fox looks like! (Not that I even knew there were foxes that flew -- squirrels, okay, fish even, but foxes? Again with the !!!!) Sorry, but it just seems such a funny comparison for such an odd-looking creature -- I love the idea of a pet whose warmth could make my arthritic joints feel better.

Alison Watt said...

You're right a flying dog would be pretty astonishing. I should have explained-aa flying fox is actually a kind of bat.