Thursday, November 6, 2008

Images of Catalina Island

Catalina Tiles

together but apart, waiting for the tour bus.

detail, Bronze door, Wrigley Memorial

The "Casino". Actually a movie theatre and ballroom, built in 1928.


materfamilias said...

Oh my! Did you read my post this morning about the onset of rain and darkness and winter and decide you had to cheer me up with pictures of gorgeous sunny places full of delightful colour? Not sure it's working as I'm still stuck here in the rain (and you know how charming it is to bike that muddy road to the ferry while rain soaks through no matter what hat . . .). but I'm happy for you, really!

La Belette Rouge said...

I imagine Catalina as the island of the mystical island Avalon. My In-laws live in San Pedro and a clear day you can see Catalina from their house and some days fog hides it from view.

Thank you for the lovely up close images of Catalina to balance my inner images of the 22 mile across the sea view. Really beautiful.

FISH EGGS said...

.....will work for food! rain , rain go away...hope Kim and you are having a wonderfully dry time. We are keeping the wet coast tradition alive and well up here!

Alison Watt said...

materfamilias and fish eggs, as that old Jesse Winchester song says, "if you are never warm girl, who's gonna keep you warm? you'll take the sun for granted, you'll run from every storm."
But also, still trying to put a bright spin on the west coast winters, it's common instruction in painting, that colour is most effective when it is surrounded by neutrals, greys, browns, darks.
I wonder what happens to all the seasonal effective disorder normal people should have this time of year. That can't be good.

La belette rouge
sounds like a little field trip out of LA is in order. Bring a 1920's novel, something cheesy like "The Sheik". (yes, too bad we weren't closer, thanks for the offer of theoretical girl time).

materfamilias said...

forgot to ask, is this the "Santa Catalina" of "26 Miles Across the Sea / Santa Catalina is Waiting for Me" . . .ever since you posted this, those lyrics have been singing, with the mellifluous 50s-60s harmonies backing them up, through the head -- and just after I'd finally got the Lightfoot cleared out!