Saturday, September 6, 2008

first post

hello everyone
welcome to my new blog. Though I am not adrift yet, except metaphorically. Kim and I are busy battoning down the hatches on several fronts. Our house must be prepared for the house-sitter, which has meant hours of sorting through STUFF, setting aside what we'll take with us, what we'll store in our attic, what will go to the recycling, the Sally Ann, the dump. I always try to keep the flood of goods equal to the ebb--here on Protection island, it is deadly to ignore that philosophy, or soon you will find yourself buried under cargo, and you will have to organize an almost military campaign to ship it off. But, slowly, insidiously, the STUFF has been accumulating. And it turns out that what we are taking off the island is almost precisely balanced by the boxes which have arrived from Kim's office. They include: an EMG machine, office supplies, printer, swivel stool, foot stool, and several unbelievably heavy boxes of medical texts (hopefully he has all that information stuffed in his comparably easily transportable cranium). Speaking of which, the last item is a plexiglass box which holds a handsome skull, the top of which opens like a boiled egg with silver hinges. Kim found this fellow abandoned on a dusty hospital shelf long ago and he has grinned (with a spectacular set of perfect teeth) from his perch in Kim's office since.
Finally, of course, there is the boat to prepare. At the moment Circadia is in the boat yard in Sidney, having the self-steering mechanism installed. We had almost given up on it arriving (it was ordered from England in May). It's arrival last week (in five separate boxes) seemed like a minor miracle.
We are hoping that the installation will go well and we will be in Victoria Inner Harbour by next week, to begin provisioning. Sadly Kim's father passed away last week, so we will be attending his funeral in White Rock on Friday.
Hoping that we will be able to begin the first leg of our journey (the sail to San Diego) on the weekend.
stay tuned!


Carol said...

Hi Alison,
I'm staying tuned so hop to it!
Early this morning I was thinking about the two (4, I guess) of you setting off today and a little poem came to mind:

Kim and Alison went to sea
In a beautiful sailing skiff
They took their good looks
And plenty of books
And nary a "what" or an "if".

Bon voyage and keep us posted...

Alison Watt said...

thanks for the poem-- I have to admit, I do nurse a few whats and ifs! In Eureka right now, an interesting place, beautiful restored Victorian mansions built with redwood fortunes. Lots of book and music stores. Off to sea again tomorrow.

Kelsey said...

Hey Alison, This is Kelsey Stenson... I saw you last at the poetry reading with my grandma Leanne. I am reading the last island, as well as my grandma sent me this link to your blog. When i read your book and see what youve done in your life it just amazes me .. I wish I could live a life like yours.
You are such an inspiration!